Academic Terms And Term Breaks For Year 2017


Academic Terms for 2017

Term 1 Tuesday 3rd January to Friday 10th March
Term 2 Monday 20th March to Friday 26th May
Term 3 Tuesday 27th June to Thursday 31st August
Term 4 Monday 11th September to Friday 17th November

Term Breaks for 2017

After Term 1 Saturday 11th March to Sunday 19th March
After Term 2 Saturday 29th May to Sunday 25th June
After Term 3 Saturday 2nd September to Sunday 10th September
After Term 4 Saturday 18th November to Saturday 31st December

Scheduled Holidays for 2017

Youth Day Sunday 2nd July (*Monday 3rd July)
Teachers’ Day Thursday 31st  August#
Children’s Day Friday 6th October#

* The following Monday will be a school holiday. # As part of the nation-wide movement to promote family life, the Teachers’ Day and Children’s Day which have traditionally been celebrated in Singapore schools on Sept 1 and Oct 1 will be scheduled to the first Friday of September and October, respectively.

Public Holidays for 2017

New Year’s Day Sunday 1st January & Monday 2nd January
Chinese New Year Saturday 28th January
Sunday 29th January (#*Monday 30th January)
Good Friday Friday 14th April
Labour Day Monday 1st May
Vesak Day Wednesday 10th May
Hari Raya Puasa Sunday 25th June (#*Monday 26th June)
National Day Wednesday 9th August
Thursday 10th August
Hari Raya Haji Friday 1st September
Deepavali Wednesday 18th October
Christmas Day Monday 25th December

* The following Monday will be a public holiday #* The following Monday will be a school holiday **This date will need to be reconfirmed with the Hindu Almanac when it is available.

Note Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Centre reserves the rights to declare a holiday on any day should the needs arise.  The Centre also reserves the right to review and change the above holidays except the scheduled public holidays and scheduled holidays.  Any changes will be notified via written notice.